Leadership Team

Executive Head of Federation: Mrs C V Collett

Head of School & Inclusion Manager: Mrs A Gray

KS2 Phase Leader: Miss C Grooby

Administration Team

Business Manager: Mrs E Woods

Administrator: Mrs J Trolley (Tues – Fri)

Administrator: Mrs J Crawford (Mon)

Clerk to Governors: Mrs B Hasler

Midday Staff

Miss S Burns

Miss V Dean

Mrs G Wainwright

Mrs  E Webster (Mid-day Supervisor)

Site Team

Caretaker: Mr I Lyon

Cleaner: Miss S Burns

Teaching Staff

Miss G Ablard

Mrs A Blakey (maternity leave)

Mrs N Counsell

Mrs L Done

Mr P Gilbert

Miss C Grooby

Mrs M Nicholson

Miss J Preval

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Anderson

Mrs D Fountain

Mrs C Fox

Mrs S Osborne

Mrs P Parnell

Mrs R Stanhope

Miss L Suddards

Mrs K Wilson

Volunteer helpers

Mrs B Palmer
Mr R Palmer